Things You Should Know about a Landlord Letter

Guys, are you the part of Landlord clients and need to manage some document with the tenant? You will be very familiar with a Landlord Letter or commonly people call it as The Landlord Recommendation Letter. There are some specific forms and parts of this type of letter. Of course, you have to know them once you want to get the permission or agreement of something you want to do with Landlord Company. This day, we are going to discuss about Landlord Letter and things you should prepare to write the good one. So, enjoy reading!

What is Landlord Letter?

The landlord Letter or Landlord Recommendation Letter is a letter which designed to ask for a new landlord. This letter is created by a former tenant which seeking a confidence to presents for a new landlord access. Somehow, this letter is used by individual or company to suffer from the poor credits.

Then, the Landlord Letters consist of the reference statements which is addressed to the tenant’s rental history as well as to state any possible violations or late rent payment as long as the course of the lease is sill applied. The purpose of this letter is to confirm all important things related to a landlord services and regulations. Not to mention, the letter should state the detail of lease term, the monthly rent, as well as any late payment occurrences.

To whom send a Landlord Letter?

Once you want to addressee a landlord recommendation letter, at least you should prioritize the landlord from whom they have rented property for an extended certain period of time. This will furnish the new proprietor with a case of consistency and the inhabitant’s capacity to keep up a good connection with a landowner. Occupants who have often changed abodes should look for suggestions from past proprietors with whom they have a decent compatibility and are sufficiently close to give legitimate character reference.

What are the Parts of Landlord Letter?

Basically, a Landlord Letter consists only three main parts. This letter should not be too lengthy and should use a simple word so it is easily understandable for each party. The format includes the greeting or salutation, introduction, body of paragraph, closing and ended by signing off. And, here the detail explanation!

  • Part 1# Introduction

A landlord letter should begin with a conventional greeting, for example, “To the responsible party in question,”. On the off chance that the essayist knows who the writer will be, including the writer’s name is supported. The presentation section should comprise of the past proprietor’s name, inhabitant’s name, length of rent, month to month lease sum, and, if pertinent, any late instalment infringement that happened during the occupant’s tenant contract.

For example:

Dear Mr. Fox

I, Kathy Beaudoin, highly recommend Lee Xiang as a tenant in your commercial space. Mr. Xiang has rented an office in one of my buildings for the past 3 and a half years, paying $1675/month in rent. There have been no issues in terms of payment nor has there ever been a lack of trust between Mr. Xiang and myself.

  • Part 2# Body of Paragraph

The presentation section covers the entirety of the appropriate rental data, yet the body of the landlord proposal letter contains data with respect to the occupant’s character. This segment can be included a solitary passage or, if the author has numerous models or accounts to share, two (2) or even three (3) sections. For whatever length of time that the substance comprises of pertinent tenure data and will enable the new landlord to settle on a choice, the body of this kind of proposal can be short and forthright.

For example:

I’d like to elaborate on the late payment that Ms. Bernstein made a few months back. Although one late payment isn’t a big deal, it’s worth mentioning that she was late on her payment due to the fact that she was helping out a neighbour who was struggling financially. This selfless act of charity is one of the reasons why I recommend Ms. Bernstein as a tenant without reservation.

Aside from her compassionate disposition, Ms. Bernstein is a quiet, well-mannered individual. I accepted her application despite the fact that she said she was a painter and would be using one of the bedroom’s as studio. She assured me that she would be very careful when painting and would pay for any damages that might occur. This was never an issue.

  • Part 3# Closing

For the rest, it is last section of landlord letter. It should consist the brief of closing statement with one or two sentences. Then, you can add the formal closing salutation and end with signature. In this case, you can put your detail information where the writer can contact you, Not to mention, give your address, email or phone number.


Please consider Mr. McElroy as a potential tenant, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more dependable individual. Any further issues can be settled by contacting me at the email address provided below.



June 6, 2016

[email protected]

What are Types of a Landlord Letter?

Well, there are ten types of Landlord letters that you should know. Each of them depend on the purposes and ideas that the writer’s want to explain. And, here the types are:

  1. Notice to pay or quit
  2. Unconditional Quit Notice
  3. Notice to Cure or Quit
  4. Lease Renewal Letter
  5. Non-Renewal of Lease Letter
  6. Notice of Change of Ownership To Tenant
  7. Notice of Maintenance, Renovations, Repairs, and Outages
  8. Notice of Intent to Dispose of Personal Property That’s Abandoned
  9. Notice of Intent to Enter Dwelling Unit
  10. Notice of Rent Increase

Great! It is all about a Landlord Letter. It is your time to write your Landlord Recommendation Letter and explain what you want to the tenants. To help us improving better day by day, we kindly wait for your comments on the box below or meet our teams on contact-us menu. Thanks for reading and have a good day!

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