Mirrored Chest Of Drawers

mirrored chest of drawers

mirrored chest of drawers

How To Change A Chest Of Drawers Into A Mirrored Chest Of Drawers – sudah

Another piece of furniture that is efficient for it provides lots of storing spaces is chest of drawers. Well, there are a myriad of models of this kind of storage that you can just purchased either at local or online stores. There are also modifications of chest of drawers, for example, mirror chest of drawers.

The latter represents a good combination of drawers and a mirror that deals with the function of storing and the function of makeup. Such an innovation makes a chest of drawers a more versatile item of furniture that will give more benefits to anyone who has it.

Let’s talk about mirror chest of drawers. Is it possible to make a DIY of it?

Carpentry techniques are required when it comes to making such a kind of furniture. But, the chance to do the production ourselves is always open. Besides, it is always possible to do so because the skills can be learned. Above all, there are many easy instructions about it that you can search on the Internet and then follow.

The easiest way to have a mirrored-model of chest of drawer is to modify a standard/mirror-less chest of drawers into the mirrored one. It is practically much more efficient, more affordable, easier to do as well as quickest to finish.

What’s needed to modify a chest without mirror into a mirrored chest?

We are now talking about the supplies. Two major supplies are, of course, the chest and a piece of mirror that is cut as wide as the space provided to install the mirror. There are a few supplies that you will also need such as liquid nails, sandpaper, water-based primer, main paint, rubber grommets, sealer, and so forth. It is better also to prepare a mini roller for a better painting result.

What is needed to do to modify it?

Well, the modification procedures are comprised of a couple of instructions that you need to follow step by step, such as:

  1. Removing the drawers and knobs.
  2. Roughen the chest body and drawers using the sandpaper.
  3. Time for applying the primer.
  4. Wait until it is dry.
  5. Apply the main paint.
  6. Install the mirror using the panels, knobs, and nails.
  7. Put the drawers back in the chest.

To modify a standard chest of drawers into a mirrored chest of drawers, each of the steps above needs to be done carefully and analytically. The aim is to make sure that each process is done perfectly. You also need to be patient so that any mistake can be minimized.

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