How to Make Business Cards in Microsoft Word

What is Business Card Template?

Of course you are very familiar with business cards, or have ever gotten a business card from someone or a company agency. A business card is a card to convey personal or company information which is usually delivered during formal events during self-introduction. This business card is usually used for personal profile, personal branding, or personal professionalism.

Usually, a business card contains a name, email address, cell phone number that can be contacted, home address, or other things that can be fit for publication. So, for sure we are always curious about how to make business cards? Some people must be confused because not everyone is good at design. Do not worry! This time, you can make business cards in Microsoft Word easily. Let’s see the explanation of how to make a business card in Microsoft Word below.

How to Use a Business Card Template?

The first way to make a business card is to use a template provided by Microsoft Word. Now it remains only to choose which template you want to make a business card. Check out the explanation on how to make a business card in Microsoft Word below.

  • Step # 1: Select the file menu on the top left corner

The menu to make a business card template is available in a default type which it is same with when you make a new Microsoft Word file. The menu is available at the top-left corner of the page.

  • Step # 2: Then, click New to create a new document

There are some menus on the page. For example, you will find the menu for editing, opening, saving, publishing and many more. Special for this case, you have to choose the menu creating new document. It is symbolized by the blank paper’s image.

  • Step # 3: In the search field, write business card then press enter on the keyboard

Yes, the next step is writing the types of document that you want to make. In this case, you can write down the “Business Card” and paste it on the search field. Wait for a minute and the page will appear on your screen.

  • Step # 4: Next, please select the business card template that you will use

In a minute, you will see several business card templates from Microsoft Word. Well, the Ms Word’s types may impact on the card design and colours. The higher version you have the better and more colourful templates you get. Simply, you can scroll down your mouse and get thousand samples of business card templates.

  • Step # 5: Click Create, to start making the business card

Once you have chosen the design, you once more time need to create the menu “Create” or “New Project” to make your new business card.

  • Step # 6: Finally, replace the data in the box.

For the rest, you can start making your own business card design. A simple tip for you, you can start with your name, cell phone number, home address, to your email address. You only need to type down the correct information on the available box.

Can I Make a Business Card Without Microsoft Word?

Sure you can! And this is the reason why we exist. Right now, you can create your own professional business card anytime and anywhere you are. Even you don’t have laptop or any electronic devices, you can create it using your writing tools To make it more impressive, you can use pencil colours, marker or even crayons. Anyway, we have provided a sample of Business Card which is made with the very simple tools and for sure we do it all offline.

Well, it is all about Business Card Template, Samples and tips how to create it through Microsoft Word. You don’t even need the difficult app or any complicated process. Don’t forget to watch our video and subscribe writing-practices channels. Thanks for reading and have a good day!


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