How to Create Donation Letter for Charity Programs

When some of you work in a non-profit organization, you may find it necessary to create a charity programs. It means that you may have to create a donation letter to complete the administration. If it is your first time, you may think it is difficult to start. Indeed, you just have to practice so that you know how to create a good donation letter.

What is Donation Letter?

Donation letter is a document that becomes a tool which is used by non-profits institution to entice supporters to donate. Here, the document will talk about financial support or in-kind gift. When you are ready to write the letter, you should remember that the document should be short. You can mention the organization profile first, and continue to write pamphlet or some marketing materials.

The donation letter is to address specific need regarding to financial support. Besides, you can also mention the impact of the program complete with the donor’s past efforts. In order to make it professional, you can also mention the official website of your charity program that tells it is legal and so on.

How to Write Donation Letter for Charity Programs?

So, there will be some steps that you have to take in order to create a professional yet legal donation letter. Before you start, it is much better that you make sure your program is registered in law and doesn’t violate any rule.

  • Step 1: Create a Header

At the first step, you all can go directly to the header part. Mostly, organizations will mention their profile at this part. For the shortest version, you can put your organization logo complete with the name and address or contact information. Yes, it is good to make everything brief and easy to read.

  • Step 2: Put Your Non-Profit Organization Contact Information

For the next, you can continue by putting your non-profit organization contact details. Here, it is okay to mention the office address, phone or telephone number, contact person in charge, website, email address, and other else. Of course, the contact details must be clear and valid. For social media, it is good that you keep everything updated such as the activities, results, documentation, and so on.

  • Step 3: Mention the Date

And then, you can give the date when you write the letter.

  • Step 4: Add Donor Salutation

After mentioning the date, you can give the donor salutation. In this part, you are better to give the formal salutation with Dear Mr. To make your letter more personal, you can mention the correct name of the recipients. For example, you can use Dear Mr. Smith or Dear Mrs. Lee and many more.

  • Step 5: Write Acknowledgement of Donor Relationship

The next step is about to start your donation letter. At the first part, you can write the acknowledgment of the donor relationship. Even if you don’t have capacity to personalize the acknowledgement of the donor relationship, you can mention it with how you interact with them. Not to mention, you can segment the current donor agenda, volunteer, board members, lapsed and many more.

The simple acknowledgment of donor relationship is such as, “You have been the big member of our organization and we have passed a lot of work social work together. We can’t repay your kindness as well as thank you enough for every supports you sent to us. As a donor and a frequent volunteer, you have done many things for this organization”

  • Step 6: Tell Brief of Non-profit Story

Then, on the next level, you can start with the emotional story about your organization. It is the special trick to make your letter feel emotional and touch the reader’s heart. Once you come to this chapter, you can follow some parts that may ease you. Here the parts are:

  1. The need, you can explain your organization or non-profit‘s addressees. Sure, you should not hesitate to explain the clear statistic out there. Be clear on your goal about whom or what the things or people that are need in help.
  2. The solution, from the need that you have mentioned before, you can create the conclusion about the solution that you have to help them. Describe the solutions with bullet and numbering (If you need it) and explain why this solution is helpful.
  3. The Hero, once you have outlined the need and solution, you can mention the hero of the problems. The hero is someone who makes the change. Even your non profit is doing much of the work but it is all because of the donor’s support though. So, it is important to make the donor being the hero of the story.
  • Step 7: Call to Action

When you have completing the brief of non-profit story, it is time to take the action. Yes, you need to make a clear statement, direct call-to-action, exactly state what you want from the readers. Don’t hesitate to use the clear statement at the end of your donation letter. At this moment, please don’t assume that your readers know what you want or what you are looking for.

  • Step 8: Thank and Give Signature

For the rest, you can close your donation letter with thanking the readers. Don’t forget to mention your identity and give the signature.

Well, it is all about Donation Letter and step by step process to write a good one. We hope you can use it on your organization or non-profit story which is helpful for the large society. It is such a wonderful moment to sharing the happiness and kindness to others who need in help. Anyway, thanks for reading this article and please don’t hesitate to leave any comments, feedback or questions on our contact-us forum. Have a good day!

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